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The daily practice of deeds stems from the inner craving for feeling worthy for what actions we perform.

All other routine actions are common to men.Those actions that are prescribed by scriptures are Nityakarmanustanana and are of two types.

The two are types in daily prescribed  routine karmas 1) Those actions or deeds when performed in a disciplined manner add merit or virtuousness.

2) Those actions as per persons will routine in nature.

But Nityakarmanustana has to be performed/practiced after undestanding and knowing about it.

Nitya karmanustana purifies the soul and body. It enhances /uplifts the inner soul towards a Higher calling.

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Chandrika Gurukula is an online school for philosophical studies related to Dwaitha, it’s an initiative by Sri Vysaraja Matha which is well-known as Vidya Matha, by the blessings of Shri Vidyashreesha Theertha Sri Padangalavaru.
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