Learning has no boundaries (neither age restriction nor end)

People who believe in Santanadharma have keen interest to learn more about Dharma and our Culture. In this stressful material world, Spirituality – Adhyatma alone brings some semblance of balance and relief.

 Chandrika Gurukula fulfils this need. Karma purifies the mind and Tatva Jnana of Sri Madvacharya instills self confidence and strength of purpose. We declare with pride that the present Mathadhipathi conducts the classes himself personally;

Sri Sri Vidyashreesha thirtaru conducts “Question hour” sessions  time to time– where questions are addressed by his holy highness directly with his gracious presence .

Classes/courses are designed keeping in mind the modern times and need of the people.

Chandrika Gurukula’s prime objective is to impart best education and Madhva Culture.

The Children’s course is designed to teach the Sanskrit language,  Ramayana stories, inspirational stories of freedom fighters, heroes, Bhagavad Gita, Bhajans &  Various art classes to instil values and character development. All these courses are designed such that Children have a bright future.

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