Road to re-establishment of Chandrika Gurukula

Sri Majjayathirtharu is a torch bearer to the teaching of Sri Madhvacharya the Parama Guru.

 During the Aradhane Mahothsava of Sri Sri Majjayathirtharu, CHANDRIKA GURUKULA was re-established by the golden hands of Sri Vyasaraja Mathadisha, Sri Vidyashreesha Thirtaru.

In memory of Sri Vyasarajau, Sri Vidyaprasannathreertha, the previous mathadhipati of the Srimatha, initially established Chandrika Gurukula in Vyasarajapura.

The Gurukula benefited Brahmin students by providing hostel facilities and imparting worldly, Vedic and spiritual knowledge to facilitate their daily life and career.

Later Sree Vidyapayonidhithreetha re -established Chandrika Gurukula in Bengaluru’s Basavana-Gudi (Gandhi Bazar) Sree Vyasraya Matha and imparted Adhyatma Vidya.

The high light here is, during those times, current peethadipathi Sri Vidyashreeshathreertha, taught “Sudhanta” for twelve years to many students. Also  “Sudha Mangala” was conducted in the presence &  guidance of Sri Vidyapayonidhithreetha.

On that occasion Sri Vidyapayonidhithreetha took   “Srimanyasudha”, “vyasathrayadi”  compositions (books) in procession on an elephant and honoured   Sri Prahaladacharya’s “Sudhamangala”.

Later for reasons Chandrika Gurukula was not in the lime light for some time though it was very much there in the hearts & minds of Sri Sri Vyasaraja Gurusarvaboumaru.

Sri Vidyashreeshathreertha attained great vedantic heights.  While heading Vyasathirtha Vidyapeetha he envisaged to quench the thirst for spiritual knowledge of common man. He addressed this need separately for men, women and children.

Under leadership of Sri Vitobacharya (Sri Vyasaraja Matha , Mathadisharu) many officials of Sree Matha joined hands for the development of Chandrika Gurukula.

Many Pandits and Scholars selflessly, relentlessly  supported this noble cause.  Many have benefited and are witness to the growth of Gurukula.

 Chandrika Gurukula is a beacon of light for many caught up  in mundane daily activities; Gurukula is enlightening them on pooja, sandhyavandana,Guruparampare, Jyothisya pata, Sanskrit learning and books like Madhvavijaya.

 Ladies group has exposure to Harikhatamrutha, Lakshmisobhane, Suladhigalu, Devaranama compositions, etc. , and the activities have expanded.

The children section with the association of distinguished teachers has taken steps to promote Sanskrit studies and our culture. Many seekers have benefited from the Gurukula.

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  1. Sarvothaman Sridharan

    This is indeed a welcome step especially for working professionals to gain traction in the field of Adhyathma

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