Mudre Dharane

Essence of Shudda Ekadashi:

 Ashada Shudda Ekadashi  is also known as Prathama Ekadashi, the beginning of Chaturmasya. Shastra says that the Lord remains in yogic sleep for four months on this day. On such a holiest of Holi day, the disciples of their Guru get the Tapta Mudra Dharane from Guru or Peetadipathi.  All disciples and human mankind need understand  it’s importance and to know about taptha Mundrankana and get mudra dharane done by any Swamiji or Peetadipathi and feel proud to be the followers of the supreme Lord.

As said in the Dasavani, “Human birth is the greatest birth of all the births do not let it go astray” Human birth is the epitome of the 84 Lakhs Yoni’s, we must strive to live up to it by doing sadhana and full fill the purpose of our birth. We should not behave like animals and take the lane of ‘Bhoga’. In order to attain the fulfillment of being born as a human being, and to choose the right path, we need to adapt and follow ourselves as inscribed in  Krishnamrutha Maharnava by Sri Madacharyaru “YENARA PASHUVU, LOKE KIMTESHAAM JEEVANE PHALAM. YAYNARLABDA HARE DEEKSHA NACHEERTOVA JANANRDHANA.

There are two deeksha, the prime factors to fulfill our lives. One is aantharya deekshe and another is bahya deekshe.

The five ways to get bahya deekshe is as follows

*Dharana of Gopi Chandan

*Mudra retention

*Keeping the Lord’s name

*Chanting the Lord’s mantra

*Perform yagna’s related to Vishnu

The fives ways to obtain aantharya deekshe is to believe that

The Lord is supreme and finally we all will join him.

He fulfills our wishes.

He is my Lord, I am his servant

He is responsible for each and every act that happens.

These five points are called antarya diksha.

 Although everyone should try to get this initiation, because it is difficult for the common people, the wise should have received both external and internal initiation.

We can get mudre dharane done on any day, there are few special days like ekadashi of Ashada Masa, Kartika Masa, Magha month Vaisakha month. There are specific days in the above Masa to have Mudra Dharane. Everybodya has to undergo this Deeksha. It’s lifetime fulfillment to get Mudra Dharane. Getting mudre dharane gives more power to the mantras we chant, more Phala to our Puja and japas. Without this Deeksha performing pooja without Deeksha is useless. Pooja and Deeksha go together to attain life fulfillment. In Baahaya Deeksha the very first principle to follow is Tapta Mudra Dharane. Prataptham Bibruyaat Chakram Shankancha Bhuja Moolayohaha Shoutra Smatarde Sidhyartham Mantra Sidhyartha Mevacha as said by His Holiness Sri Bhavee Sameera Vaadiraja Teerthara Shreepadangalavaru and describes the importance of Mudra Dharane. On both shoulders the emblem of Vishnu, Shanka and Chakra is a must for performing Shoutra and Smaarta pooja, which gives them the right to perform these poojas. To chant any mantra the Mudra Dharane is a basic qualification.

In Grantha’s like Manusmruti and Hareetasmruti carries the importance of Mudra Dharane. Just like a victorious Indian athelete carries our national flag and is recognised by the crowd as Indian in the same way It is proven that when Yama’s soldier approaches a human being with Mruthyu pasha , they go away seeing the mudre on us that we are Vishnu bhaktas.  Having this Mudra Dharane not only for human mankind but also reminds the world that we are Vishnu Bhaktas. We should get the Mudra Dharane done by our Guruji. Getting the Mudra Dharane by Seers who perform daily Japa, Tapa and follow the established principle and is a scholar can only do the Mudra Dharane. Men, Women and Children can also have the Mudra Dharane. You need not wait till Ashada Sudha Ekadashi to get your Mudra Dharane done. You need to have Mudra Dharane done at least once a year. During Marriage, Upanayana, pilgrimage centres, eclipse transition time, and auspicious days Mudra Dharane can be done, but only the Guruji need to do this. By getting the Mudra Dharane done at least once a year.

Let us follow and practice our rituals and get the divine boon.

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