Sri Vyasa Theertha Aradhana Mahotsava

Vyasa Theertha

Sri Vysaraja Matha is popularly known as one of the Munitraya (मुनित्रय) Matha—’the triad of the sages’, i. e. Pāṇini, Kātyāyana, and Patañjali (who are considered to be inspired, saints). The founder of Sri Matha, Sri Rajendra Theertharu, nourished by eminent tapasvis, well known in this universe. Sri Vysaraja Guru Sarva Bhoumaru was born with the blessing of Sri Brahmanya Theertharu, eminent scholar of samskrutha literarture. Sri Vyasarajaru embraced Sanyashrama at the age of 7. Till the age of 93, he propagated the Madhwa siddantha far and wide. His social service to the mankind and help common man is a mile stone in today’s world. The Dasa shreshtas like Purandara Dasaru, Kanaka Dasaru were born with the blessings of Sri Vysarajaru. These Dasa shreshtas were propogators of Tatva siddhanta, the guiding light, which was by no means an easy task. Sri Vyasarajaru has composed poems and notes in the spoken language for easy understanding. He undertook installation of 732 Mukhyaprana idols in every nook and corner of the country. This helped to put an end to the vanishing of culture and stop the spread of other vicious religious invaders. As said by Sri Purandara Dasaru, there were many Munis but it was only Sri Vysaraja Muni who has helped/restored/protected/uplifted the principles of Madhwa Philosophy.

Sri Sirpadarajaru, the Guru of Sri Vysarajaru, was astonished by the sage’s principles and the immense spiritual knowledge, Sri Sripadarajaru said the serpent which has 7000 heads needs to laud/bless this. In the epitome of knowledge city-Kashi where Sri Vysarajaru, defeated eminent scholars and pundits of his time through spiritual debate. He established many colonies, lakes, wells, ponds etc. which are existent even today. As a Rajaguru, he guided the then Maharaja of Vijayanagar, Sri Krishnadevaraya. This is evident in the poem written by poet Somanatha. This eminent sage’s Aradhana Mahotsava will be celebrated on March 21, 22 & 23 of 2022 for three days at Nava Brundavana. The present pontiff of Sri Vysarajara Matha Sri Sri Vidyashreesha Theertha Sripadaru will be in Nava Brundavana gadde, Anegundhi on the above dates. Devotees are requested to visit and seeks the blessings of Sri Vysarajaru.

Hari Sarvottama, Vayu Jeevottama !

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